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MEAT BOXES - Available Tuesday through Saturday


Handpicked selections of our favourites for every occasion. Great for presents or just if you can't decide what to order. The work has been done for you. Read more about our producers here.

See MORE DETAILS below for a description and contents of each item.


Available for delivery Tuesday to Saturday

More Details

Chop Box

2 x 370 g Pork Chops, 2 x 250 g Barnsley Chops, 600g Best End Chops, 1 x 800g Prime Rib, Fresh Herb Brush, 2 x Mixed Butters (80g each).

An assortment of our favourite chops with a fresh hand-tied herb brush to slather your chops with your chosen melted butter. Mixed butters homemade by our talented Loughton deli team.

Breakfast Box

12 x Chipolatas, 500g x Smoked Back Bacon Sliced (min. 6 slices), 4 x Black Pudding slices, 1/2 dozen Billy’s Free Range Eggs, Ginger Pig Homemade Ketchup (280g bottle).

Proudly presenting the Ginger Pig Breakfast Boc filled with goodies all lovingly and expertly made by our own team. With eggs from Billy’s Free Range Eggs, a small family run business in the heart of the Cotswold countryside. All that's left to you is the toast.

Sausage Box

6 x Lincolnshire (The Boss' favourite), 6 x Traditional, 6 x Cumberland, 6 x Pork & Leek.

A selection of the classics. Sausages are synonymous with our story. What began as a way to use to the whole animal, quickly became one of our signature products. Using just the right amount of pork shoulder and belly for flavour and succulence, we still use the same recipes created by our founder, Tim Wilson, today. Made by hand by our Master Sausage Maker Josie and his team every week.

Steak Tasting Box

2 x 350g sirloin steaks, 1 x 1kg rump sharing steak, 2 x 300g onglet steaks.

A selection of steaks with a variety of flavours and textures, designed for the true connoisseur. A couple of delicious sirloins, a magnificent whole piece of tender rump steak to slice up and share and flavourful onglet (hanger steak). Our beef is dry-aged to a minimum of 28 days and is carefully selected from a small group of family-run farms.


1 x 660g T-Bone steak, 2 x 350g rump steaks, 2 x 370g pork chops, 4 x chuck steak burgers, 12 x Lincolnshire sausages.

The BBQ Essentials are designed to make an impressive feast for 6-8 people, with a selection of our favourite cuts. Handmade sausages from our specialist team, hand-pressed chuck steak and aged rib cap burgers, steaks aged for a minimum of 28 days and proper pork chops. A great weekend treat or a lovely present.

Storage Advice

Please remove all paper wrapping from your meat and place it on a plate in the fridge away from cooked items. This allows air to circulate around it properly, helping to prolong shelf life.

Average shelf life: Steaks, chops and whole chickens - 2-3 days, Sausages - 2 days. On arrival please see the labels for use by dates.

Vacuum-packed meat can be put straight in the fridge and has a longer shelf life.

Read more about how to store your meat here.