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Lamb Chops


Hand cut lamb chops, from neat little cutlets to a chunky Barnsley chop for the hungry meat eater. Sourced from our small network of British high welfare, free range sheep farmers.

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Swipe to see pictured, Selection of lamb chops, Lamb Shanks, Shoulder Chop, Barnsley Chops, Best End Chops, French-Trimmed Lamb Cutlets, Lamb T-bones


Available for delivery Tuesday to Saturday.

Storage Advice

Please remove all paper wrapping from your meat and place it on a plate in the fridge away from cooked items. This allows air to circulate around it properly, helping to prolong shelf life.

Average shelf life: 2 days. On arrival please see the labels for use by dates.

Vacuum-packed meat can be put straight in the fridge and has a longer shelf life.

Read more about how to store your meat here.