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A selection of our favourite homemade pastries, including a proper pork pie, rich, buttery sausage rolls and a good old scotch egg or two. Made every week by our team to our own recipes.


Our Caramelised Onion Chutney, Chilli Jam & Piccalilli have moved! Find them in our new Ginger Pig Larder


Available for delivery:

Pork Pies - Thursday to Saturday

Sausage Rolls - Wednesday to Saturday

Scotch Eggs - Wednesday to Saturday

Storage Advice

Please store in fridge in their packaging. Chutneys need to be refrigerated once opened.

Shelf life:

Pork Pies - 2 days

Sausage Rollls - 3-4 days

Scotch Eggs - 4 days

Allergen Information

Pork Pies: Wheat, gluten, sulphites, egg.

Sausage Rolls: Wheat, gluten, sulphites, egg and milk.

Scotch Eggs: Wheat, gluten, sulphites, egg.