Prep your own Easter lamb

What better way to prepare for Easter than to spend an evening prepping your own lamb shoulder with the experts? Learn how to bone out, roll and tie your roast, enjoy a delicious meal with wine, then take your hard work home to share with friends and family. Want the skills to impress? This is the way to do it.

Why lamb shoulder?

Lamb shoulder is the cut of choice for our butchery classes, as a key part of our commitment to sustainability and carcass balance. As a nose-to-tail butcher, we start with whole lambs in our shops and then break them down into individual cuts (something you will see demonstrated at the beginning of our class).

People's taste in cuts tends to be led by what is in fashion and this generally leans towards the well-known, primal cuts. This leaves us with lots of lamb shoulder, as demand for legs tends to be greater, especially around Easter, when tradition dictates that this is the cut of choice. However, over the past few years, interest in sustainability has spiked and people have shown a greater interest in the lesser known cuts, which is very promising.

Not only is the shoulder arguably more flavourful, it is also more succulent, due to its rich fat marbling, not to mention easier to cook. The leg requires careful temperature monitoring to achieve that perfect, blushing medium-rare, but the shoulder can be marinated and then simply popped in the oven and left until it is beautifully tender and pulls apart. It suits unctuous, rich dishes for frosty Easters and equally lighter, more fragrant recipes with salads if the weather is better (fingers crossed!).

Why not be more sustainable this year and slow roast a lamb shoulder instead.

Our April lamb butchery class dates are now available. 

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