January Cuts

It’s the time of year when everyone feels like they have eaten a bit too much. So what do you do if you want to keep some protein in your diet and don’t want to spend too much? Follow our weekly series to learn a bit more about the thriftier cuts available.

You don’t have to eat meat every day and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Whatever the cut, make sure you are mindful of where your meat comes from. Perhaps try high quality meat once or twice a week, rather than having meat in your diet every day. This week it’s:


Shoulder, blade side
– Boned and rolled, this joint is great for stuffing and slow or pot roasting. The natural fat bastes the meat while cooking. Keeping it on the bone adds extra flavour.

Neck/scrag end – This cut is from the top of the neck is delicious slow roasted on the bone. Great for a Lancashire hot pot.

Shin – Unsurprisingly from the front of the leg, this cut can be sold as part of the shoulder or on its own. Great for braising or pot roasting.

Liver – At a fraction of the price, this is almost as good as calves’ liver. Check with your butcher that it is really fresh and lightly pan-fry or grill with seasonal vegetables.