HOW TO…CARVE A TURKEY (the easy way…)

When it comes to turkey carving, it’s important to get the technique right so that you have a great looking end product and you don’t waste any meat.

You will need:

Boning knife (approx. 6-7 inches long, to remove meat from carcass and cut through joints)
Thin carving knife (approx. 9-11 inches long, to slice the breast meat)
Chopping boards
Warmed serving plate

How To…

  • Remove any string left on the bird and place on a board.
  • Remove the wings by cutting through the joint. These are easy to cast aside but they have some really tender and delicious meat on them. Leave on the bone or shred the meat onto the serving plate.
  • Next, pull one leg away from the body, slicing through the skin that connects the breast to the leg. Pull out until the joint pops out of the socket and cleanly remove with a knife if needed. Repeat with the other leg.
  • Slice through the joint between the thigh and drumstick and place those onto the service plate. Again, this flavourful brown meat can be removed from the bone and shredded or simply left as it is for someone to enjoy.
  • Feel along the centre of the bird for the backbone and use the length of the knife to cut all the way down, keeping close to the bone, through to the bony carcass underneath. Gently pull the breast away, using the knife to separate it from the bird and to avoid wasting meat.
  • Place the whole breast onto a separate chopping board and, with a razor sharp carving knife, slice the breast meat with long strokes and lay out on the serving plate. You can do this with the skin on or off.
  • Now all the different cuts of meat are on the warmed serving plate, pour a little gravy over the whole thing to keep it juicy.
  • If you have roasted your bird with a bacon lattice, you can now break this up and make a tempting pile people can tuck into.

Quick tips:

  • If the bird is too hot to handle, use a carving fork to help you stabilise whilst cutting. However, if you let it rest for long enough after roasting, the temperature should be ok.
  • Make sure you warm the serving plate.
  • The secret to great carving is very sharp knives.