Ginger Pig Delivered

As you may know, Ginger Pig went online in March of this year. We've known for a long time that this was something that we wanted to do in order to share the love beyond our current shop locations. Over the years, word has spread about the man who started his farming and butchery business with a few pigs in Nottinghamshire and a market stall in London. Now we have a farm in Yorkshire, a close network of partner producers, eight shops in the London area and a growing number of wholesale relationships. Whether it's die hard fans who have moved out of London and still want their Friday night steaks, or they have just read about us in the paper, we have had increasing demand for an online shop and delivery service that compliments our shops and allows people who don't have a local shop to enjoy our produce. 

As with everything we do, we wanted to offer the very best and do it in our own way. So we chose a select range of our favourite chops, rather than going the whole hog (shameless pun!) and offering everything. And so the Chop Shop was born. We aren't in a rush and are slowly expanding the business as we go, adding products according to demand and only offering those that will arrive on your doorstep in the same condition as you would take home from one of our counters.

One of the great things about working for Ginger Pig is that everyone is involved with everything - we work as a team on all projects. But there is one person who has been an integral part of getting our online business off the ground. Every day she makes sure that each order goes out looking tip top. Jess Wragg is our Online Operations Manager. One of those rare creatures in the industry, a female butcher, she has been cutting meat for over 10 years and, as well as our online shop, manages our butchery classes and procurement, all at the same time as publishing her first book later this year. 

A quick 5 with Jess...

Why butchery?
It was never the career path I thought I’d take. Honestly, it was something I fell into aged 16 by accident and fell in love with. I actually thought I’d become a writer, but now I’m doing both. Now, I’m in it not only because I love and have always loved working for Ginger Pig, but it gives me the flexibility to cut meat and be a part of something really new. It’s good to be working in a company that really cares about the sourcing of their meat in an era so dominated by industrial farming.

Career highlight?
Probably writing an article for Lenny Letter, which led to the busiest working year of my life topped off with a book deal!

Which steak?
Pressure – to be honest I’m all about the sirloin. Nothing beats a heavily marbled piece with a 40 day age on it. I like cuts that can withstand a good amount of ageing until they’re properly ripe!

Favourite dish/recipe?
I absolutely love a slow cooked lamb shoulder with rosemary, garlic and anchovies, but I have to say that I’m mad for seafood! Freshly dressed brown crab meat with bread and butter – that’s the winning dish for me.

Favourite song?
Oh gosh, so many! Gimme Shelter by rolling stones, Come Together by the Beatles and how could I forget, Faithfully by Journey - my karaoke song of choice.

Have a look at what you can get deliveredfrom The Ginger Pig Chop Shop.