Bank holiday barbecues

The first of those sacrosanct three day bank holiday weekends is around the corner and there is a chance the sun will come out. Hooray! Whatever the weather, there are going to be barbecues across the country (and definitely the odd beer and glass (or three!) of wine. Everyone loves a good burger or a barbecued sausage but there are so many other options to explore.

We think a whole piece of rump steak is the king of the barbecue. You can't get much better for feeding lots of people and not breaking the bank. From slow reared, high welfare beef and dry aged to perfection, it's as flavourful as any other cut of steak and not to be overlooked! Here's a bit of inspiration for weekend grilling.


Season well and sear on a high heat turning constantly until done to your taste. Rest well before slicing and serving with green sauce


This cut is really for the barbecue, as the long rib bone which is left - giving the name tomahawk - doesn't really fit into a frying pan or oven. Again, it is the prime rib of the pig, with lots of flavour and intermuscular fat.

Try the boss' recipe


Grill on a medium-high heat to your preferred level of doneness and serve with salads, pita breads and homemade tzatziki.  


Sprinkle generously with sea salt to get the delicious char on the outside. Sear on a high heat, turning often until cooked to your liking. Rest the meat well before slicing and serving.

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